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Concrete Waste Recycling Equipment

After the demolition of the building, the scattered rubbish became construction waste. Demolition is to be able to have a better appearance of the city, if these construction waste can not be properly handled, then it will bring “new injuries” to the city. How to solve this difficult problem? recommends that you try to use this concrete block recycling crusher. The details of this construction waste disposal equipment are as follows:

Brief Introduction of Concrete Waste Recycling Equipment

The crusher here mainly refers to the movable crushing equipment which is comparatively hot at present. It is generally composed of feeding, crushing, conveying, iron removal, screening and other systems. It can be regarded as a small production line of gravel crushing and screening. There are two types: tyre type and type. However, because the construction waste disposal sites are mostly built between urban and rural areas, the will configure more tyre type crushers for customers. This kind of equipment has high vehicle chassis, small turning radius, and is convenient for ordinary highway driving. It saves time and more for fast construction sites. It is beneficial to enter the reasonable construction area.

Concrete Waste Recycling Equipment Makes Five Wonderful Ways

  • 1. In-situ operation: This recycled concrete crusher is highly mobile and can go straight to the site for crushing materials.
  • 2. Multiple sets of crushers: This crusher can be used independently, and it can also provide more flexible process configuration according to the material type and product requirements of customers. For example, if customers only want to get coarse aggregate, it can be configured as a jaw crusher; if one-step crushing is in place, it can also be configured as a hammer crusher. Mobile crusher, everything is determined by the actual needs of customers.
  • 3. Reasonable cost savings: It uses the integrated installation mode, which can eliminate the complex site infrastructure installation operation of the component parts, reduce the consumption of materials and working hours, and occupy a very small area, and the site requirements are not high.
  • 4. Supporting oil-electricity mixing: This concrete recycling crusher can be equipped with generator set to meet the normal operation requirements of complex situations such as no electricity or power cut, ensure continuous operation and reduce losses.
  • 5. Create a dust-free working environment: Closed fuselage design, coupled with a good noise absorption system, can easily achieve dust-free operation!